Diagnostic and continuous monitoring applied topredictive maintenance of existing built heritage

The InSPiRE project (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (POR FESR 2014 – 2020) and by the Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC)), implements the architecture of a predictive diagnostic system for monitoring the state of conservation of materials, components and systems of existing built heritage which, under normal operating conditions, come to the end of its useful life.
The expected result is an integrated tool for the knowledge of the state of degradation of artifacts, and for decision support to predictive maintenance and management of the existing built heritage activities.

Predictive, preventive and planned maintenance for conservation,recovery and restoration

Protocols and integrated technologies for the management of existing built heritage

The implementation of the high-resolution system for a timely identification and assessment of the damage in the building under observation is based on real-time analysis of multispectral information, processed according to the diagnostic methodologies for images. The system is able to correlate the position of the damage with the alteration of the mechanical behaviour of the materials constituting the structure.

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Integrated enabling technologies for preventive and predictive maintenance

The InSPiRE project is aimed at implementing integrated enabling technologies (integrated sensors) with building components and systems for monitoring, even in real time, performance parameters (i.e., energy, structural, of environmental health and interior comfort, etc.)

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Technologies and integrated systems for the construction industry

The InSPiRE project lies within the scope of the Value Chain “Innova-CHM” with particular reference to OS2 Predictive, preventive and planned maintenance for conservation, recovery and restoration. Furthermore, the result of the project integrates with other projects such as MiMESIS and eBIM.

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Una soluzione intelligente, scalabile, modulare e accessibile a diversi target di utenza, anche non specialisti, per il monitoraggio del patrimonio costruito esistente.

The architecture of the InSPiRE platform is a smart, scalable and modular solution, accessible to different target users, even non-specialists, for monitoring the existing built heritage. Unlike the systems currently on the market, this allows to virtually manage every kind of unprocessed source data, to process it and aim it to the development of analysis models, including predictive ones, for smart remote monitoring simultaneously and in collaboration with multiple users.In particular, the InSPiRE project includes:

  • the implementation of a collaborative platform for real-time monitoring based on remote sensor networks and on an innovative system architecture which, already validated in a laboratory and in a real environment (Mu.S.A platform), is aimed at monitoring the state of conservation of the existing built heritage according to a predictive approach to the evolution of the manifestations of degradation and to the damage formation;
  • the implementation of a modular diagnostic imaging platform which, by processing and analysing the types of multispectral images, integrates the monitoring platform of a tool capable of promptly identifying the manifestation of damage and ensuring the sharing of images and reports.

InSPiRE alla Marathon Materiali innovativi

Giovedì 11 novembre p.v. il progetto InSpire sarà presentato in occasione della Marathon Materiali innovativi

RemTech Expo 2021

Il progetto Inspire è stato presentato presso al RemTech Expo (20-24.09.2021 Ferrara Fiere),

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